Episode 12

The 4th Dimension with Toby C. Guest: Marie B. | Dispossession, Delusion, and Failed “Deliverance Prayers”

Her dark dreams, deeply rooted with rodents and sexual deviancy, opened Marie B. up to reoccurring R.E.M. sensations of being levitated from her bed by an evil spirit only to be violently smashed back down.    Dispossession, delusion, and failed Deliverance Prayers were the keepers of her shameful legacy of family alcoholism. Satan never missed an opportunity, through apparitions and other displays of darkness, to ease the agony of low self-image brought about by unfair judgment and the misdirected anger of others. Join Toby C. and Marie B. on an objective look back at the beginning of sobriety and the evil resistance she encountered every step of her agonizing renaissance. 

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The 4th Dimension with Toby C
Evil Resistance to Early Attempts at Recovery

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