Episode 16

The 4th Dimension | Guest: Susan C. | Topic: Dark Visitations of Talent & Entitlement

Lights, Cameras - ACTION! This Tinseltown legacy had the panic attack from hell. Entertain the thought that Toby C. with Susan C. will take you on an adventure into the duality of evil that exists within us all. Put the spotlight on the demons of anger, despair, shame and the disconnect that emerges as we attempt to hide our fear-driven insecurities behind the smokescreen of arrogance and entitlement. We had to stop blaming God for our disappointing humiliations. Some of us finally became as open-minded to conviction and as willing to listen as only the dying could be. Then it happened. The wicked obsession was lifted right out of us – the index of maladjustments finally closed! 

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The 4th Dimension with Toby C
Evil Resistance to Early Attempts at Recovery

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