Episode 18

The 4th Dimension | Guest: Marie K. | Topic: Sexy angry pride and the beDEVILments!

Marie K. - beauty, talent and other proud accomplishments wouldn’t allow her to FEEL the deadly stew of disappointment so she could WEEP and feel God’s presence. Her performances concealed a deep latent shame, protected by the demons of anger and lust, that bound her to a living hell.  Breakout of a predictable ending with Toby C. and Marie to unlock the secrets of overcoming temptation and escaping the Evil grasp of self-consciousness. Only through our most harrowing spiritual moments can we stop the cycle of emptiness and loneliness that often fuels the reckless solutions to our tormented dignity and pain.  Amen!

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The 4th Dimension with Toby C
Evil Resistance to Early Attempts at Recovery

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