Episode 20

The 4th Dimension | Guest: Herlo A. | Topic: The Devil & Miss Diagnosed

This rock-star royalty truly had a genie in a bottle. Fame, fortune, cocaine abuse and sex addiction kept the cork firmly in place. No matter how much Herlo A.  tried to blot out the painful memories of childhood demonic abuse, there sat his lonely fears and private insecurities begging to escape in the ether of his daily hedonistic indulgences. It’s always darkest before the Dawn. Wasn’t that her name? Step into the exam room with Toby C. and Herlo to review a spiritual experience - the right prescription if you will, that conquered the evil manipulations of his immoral pleasure prison. Prepared to transcend the temptation of lust and all forms of sadistic dominance – Now!

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The 4th Dimension with Toby C
Evil Resistance to Early Attempts at Recovery

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